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November 13, 2015

Getting Clear on Laboratory Informatics

Laboratories rely on information to do their work. From samples to downstream analysis, all data tell a story and how those data are managed can be the most important decision any lab makes. Despite what they do, all labs have the same need to manage the information that fuels their processes, and this is typically […]

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October 9, 2015

Making the Case for a New Laboratory Technician

“We’re overworked!” “We need a new lab technician!” “I think we are using too many reagents!” “I feel like we need another instrument. Do we need another instrument?” If you hear these statements in your lab, at what point do you take action?  Even scientists, known for being exceptionally logical, can make emotionally charged statements […]

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Clarity LIMS integrates with many laboratory instruments and third-party software applications. From the Illumina MiSeq to the Life Technologies 3730 xl DNA Analyzer, learn about each integration and how to acquire it for your lab.

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