Reagent and Lot Tracking

Track reagents, verified lots and control samples all with Clarity LIMS.


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Introducing Clarity Run Manager

Easy-to-use, cloud-based sample management software for next-generation sequencing.

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From Lab Bench to Boardroom

Project, workflow, capacity, sample and alert status anywhere you go.



GenoLogics Announces Support for HIPAA-covered Entities

GenoLogics announced today that the 3.0 release of Clarity LIMS further supports the growing needs of genomics labs working in clinical environments, including those that are HIPAA-covered entities.

New White Paper

The Strategic Role of the Lab Manager – Lab Managers as Agents of Change

In this first in a series of three articles, we discuss how lab managers are in a unique position to affect change and help their labs adopt new technology, new protocols, and new science.