Announcing BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X Edition

by Mary Thao on July 14, 2015 in Technology

From genomics industry-specific journals to the cover of Time magazine, our genome is a popular topic. Even the general public can fathom what it will mean when we understand our genetic makeup more precisely. And it’s no wonder: unearthing the secrets we carry in our cells and how we differ from others promises to dramatically change the way we diagnose, treat, and hopefully one day cure many diseases, including cancer.

Now we need a reliable way to examine genomes across large populations and make good use of this information in everyday medical practice. I’m sure we’ll look back, 50 years from now and marvel that there was ever a time we didn’t incorporate genomic information into a person’s care. For now, we have important work to do.

Illumina SeqLab is a complete solution for labs that run HiSeq X Series. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X is an integral component.


At GenoLogics, that work has involved developing BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X Edition in close partnership with Illumina. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X is an edition of our flagship BaseSpace Clarity LIMS solution that has been optimized for use with the Illumina HiSeq X™ Series instruments. Recently, Illumina announced availability of Illumina SeqLab, its complete solution for large-scale, whole-genome sequencing with its HiSeq X instruments. As an integral part of Illumina SeqLab, the X Edition helps labs scale to the unprecedented throughput of the HiSeq X instruments while maintaining a stringent focus on accuracy and quality.

Already in use at Genomics England Lab and the Illumina FastTrack Services Lab, the X Edition was designed with laboratory best practices in mind.  The X Edition includes two automated, preconfigured workflows, TruSeq DNA PCR-Free and TruSeq Nano DNA.  These automated workflows contain business logic to manage the progression of samples through the pipeline with minimal human interaction. The workflows manage the key stages in the sequencing process below:

The business logic built in to BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X workflows validates samples and reagents at every step, ensuring you use the appropriate amount—never more or less. Repeats and failures are minimized, thus reducing the cost per sample and the resulting turnaround time.

Further, labs get into production quickly with out-of-the box implementation and can maintain regulatory standards with E-signature, audit trails, and patient data security.

Such dramatic improvements in the cost and throughput of large-scale sequencing will hasten our understanding of disease and bring us closer to the day in which it is a commonplace to integrate genomic information in a patient’s care.  Together with Illumina SeqLab, BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X Edition will help labs unlock the treasure trove that is the human genome. X marks the spot!

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