BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Integrates with Real-time PCR

by Mary Thao on June 23, 2015 in Technology

Traditional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has been a vital technique for many labs since its development in the 1980s. Its advanced counterpart, real-time PCR, has also found its way into many genomics labs. As its name implies, real-time PCR, also referred to as qPCR, measures amplification as it occurs, providing even greater levels of sensitivity and accuracy. Used in numerous applications, including genotyping, copy number variation, and NGS library prep, the qPCR instrument market is expected to grow an average of 11% per year by 20181.

To accommodate the growing number of labs using qPCR and to provide an easy way for these labs to integrate real-time PCR, GenoLogics has launched integrations with LifeTechnologies/Thermo Fisher QuantStudio qPCR instruments. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS integrates with the following QuantStudio instruments:

In general, the integrations automate the placement of samples for TaqMan array plates and array cards and generate sample files for use with the QuantStudio Flex controller software. With the integration, users get:

In addition, users of the QuantStudio 12 Flex can track Open Array plate layout files and generate sample information files for use with SampleTracker software for OpenArray experiments.

Each of the three integrations comes with multiple, preconfigured workflows, summarized below.


Workflows QuantStudio 6 Flex QuantStudio 7 Flex QuantStudio 12K Flex
DNA Gene Expression Workflow
cDNA Gene Expression Workflow
DNA Genotyping Workflow
cDNA Genotyping Workflow
Library Prep Quantification Workflow
DNA OpenArray Gene Expression Workflow
cDNA OpenArray Gene Expression Workflow
DNA OpenArray Genotyping Workflow
cDNA OpenArray Genotyping Workflow
Automatic Sample Placement for TaqMan Array Plates and Cards
Sample Information File Generation for use with SampleTracker Software
SampleTracker Plate Layout Files upload to BaseSpace Clarity LIMS for tracking purposes
AccuFill File upload to BaseSpace Clarity LIMS for tracking purposes
Sample Information File Generation for use with QuantStudio
Raw data file upload to BaseSpace Clarity LIMS


The integrations are available now for all BaseSpace Clarity LIMS users. Contact GenoLogics for more information.



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