BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver: An Indispensable Element for the Startup Lab

by Michael Ball on September 30, 2014 in Technology
Clarity LIMS Silver within periodic table of elements

Silver is the 47th element in the periodic table. It’s strong yet malleable and versatile. Its many applications make it indispensable in modern society. Likewise, we think that silver – BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver – can be an indispensable element in the startup lab. Aptly named, we designed this version of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to accommodate the burgeoning needs of small and mid-sized labs.

Yet, many startups and smaller labs are resistant to the idea of a LIMS.  “I have only one sequencer and a small sample volume” or “LIMS are too expensive and difficult to implement!” are phrases we commonly hear. However, we’ve seen firsthand that BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver can help smaller labs scale to their sample volumes, do more with less, and eliminate growing pains. It’s also affordable and easy to implement. Radium Hospital in Norway is a perfect example of how labs can benefit from BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver.

Here are three reasons smaller labs benefit from BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver:

These reasons are why we developed BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver.  Silver is our take on what smaller labs need most:  scalable LIMS functionality at a small price, effortlessly implemented. So, although silver is the 47th element in the periodic table, we think BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver should be the first element brought to the table in a new lab.

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