Happy Holidays

by on December 18, 2014 in Genomics
GenoLogics Team Photo

Happy holidays! Did you know that today is also Migrant’s Day? Around the world, December 18 is recognized as Migrants Day, celebrating people who take up residence outside their country of birth and become part of the fabric and community of new nations in which they reside. It is well known that diversity creates strong communities, and although it’s on a smaller scale, we see this on a regular basis at GenoLogics. Much like migrants contribute new traditions and perspectives that create a richer and stronger milieu, our diverse customers and partners enter our world and contribute to a strong and rich community, impacting who we are and what we produce.

So it is with this spirit—of diversity and community–that we want to reflect on the past year:

In the New Year, we resolve to continue doing what we are doing, do it better, and as usual, do it with input from our customers.  So Happy Holidays, Happy Migrant’s Day, and thank you for contributing to the GenoLogics fabric!