It’s in our DNA – Frost & Sullivan Award 2014

by Michael Ball on December 8, 2014 in Genomics
GenoLogics Team | Frost and Sullivan winners

We are proud to report that we have received Frost & Sullivan’s Global Customer Service Leadership Award for the category of Next Generation Sequencing Informatics. This distinction is awarded to companies who provide the utmost in quality customer service and positively impact customers’ business. Frost & Sullivan has differentiated us from our competitors because of our excellent customer support, speedy implementation, and overall value.

To arrive at their decision, Frost & Sullivan conducted an independent, unbiased market review of GenoLogics and our competitors using the following criteria:

Criteria associated with
quality of customer service
Criteria associated with positive
impact on customers’ business
Empowerment Price/Performance Value
Speed/Timeliness Customer Purchase Experience
Frictionless Interaction Customer Ownership Experience
Technological Investment Customer Service Experience
Leverage of Customer Feedback Brand Equity
Average score: 9.2/10 Average score: 9.4/10

The award specifically calls out GenoLogics’ performance in the following areas:

Undeniably, our biggest achievement comes in the form of satisfied customers, and this award reinforces that we are on the right track to serve the numerous labs using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to manage samples, automate routine tasks, and make the overall process of lab management easier and more streamlined.  We look forward to more awards and many more years of ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and success.

Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership

Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership

Read the press release from Frost & Sullivan.