Most people can build a workflow for pretty much any process you have in your lab

by Neil Edwards on July 23, 2013 in Technology
Workflow Screenshot | Clarity LIMS

James Hadfield is the head of the genomics core facility at CRUK

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“This is now the configuration screen and one of the questions I’ve been asked by a couple of people today is, “how easy is it to change the LIMS?”, and its pretty easy. I would say that most people once you’ve done the training can go in and build a workflow for pretty much any process you have in your lab, and not worry about if GenoLogics has it ready out-of-the-box or not.”

“So we go in and we can build a workflow, and that workflow consists of specific protocols, and each of those protocols then have multiple protocol steps. So there are three things to configure and put together to form a workflow.”

“For most of the work we do we have very rigid version controlled workflows, so RNA Seq version 1, we will run RNA Seq until we get to version 2 and we will change. Occasionally in our lab, and I’m sure in your facilities as well, people come and they want to do a slightly oddball experiment. Normally in my lab we’d go back to a lab book and we’d start recording it in there. It would always be difficult to go back to that kind of work and forget that you may have devoted a month of time to that project at the end of the year when we’re trying to report back to my boss.”