Want more control over your controls?

by Scott Effler on March 4, 2014 in Technology
Control Sample Screen Clarity LIMS

With version 2.5 of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, we introduced Controls. Controls are a great way to manage routine or one-off control samples that you use in your lab. Here, we offer a quick overview of their functionality, how to set them up and how to use them on a daily basis.

You can set up and manage controls through the Controls screen in BaseSpace Clarity LIMS.

Controls behave like special samples that can be enabled at specific points in your workflows. They don’t need to be assigned to a project or have workflows assigned to them. You can track them via supplier, catalog number, or website that includes details on the control.

With controls, you can:

Controls are a great way to manage routine or one-off controls that you use in your lab.

Controls are a great way to manage routine or one-off controls that you use in your lab.

To set up controls

  1. Navigate to the Controls screen.
  2. Select Create Control.
  3. Configure the control as necessary by entering:
    • Supplier
    • Catalog Number
    • Additional information – a vendor website or internal wiki with information about the control.
  4. In Enable on these protocol steps, choose the appropriate protocol steps.
  5. If it’s a single-step control, then also select Yes under Control Options.
  6. When you are done, select Save.

Single Step Controls do not progress in workflows. Users will not need to select a Next Step for Single Step Controls when completing a Protocol Step. Use this option to represent single use, disposable samples such as QC standards, molecular weight ladders and blanks.

Controls Introduction and Creation

More how-to tutorial videos on Controls can be found in our customer support website. You will need a valid customer login to view the complete set of tutorial videos and control sample documentation.