What is in a name – BaseSpace Clarity LIMS User Group Meeting

by Aubree Hoover on November 6, 2014 in Genomics
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Being a multi-national company with offices in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, we often tease our colleagues about the way they spell words. Is it “favour” or “favor”?  “Behaviour” or “behavior”?  Here’s another one:  What do we call it when we help customers solve problems, get the most out of their BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, and help them do things better or faster? Would you say we provide support or are we engaged in customer success?

Our customers would know the answer to this question. Recently, we visited with them and other friends of GenoLogics at our BaseSpace Clarity LIMS user group meeting in San Diego, immediately after ASHG. We enjoyed hearing about how they are using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, including Illumina and how they are implementing HiSeq X™ Ten instruments along with BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to support the Genomics England project.

Jenni Taller from Beck’s Hybrids spoke about how BaseSpace Clarity LIMS enables their smaller  lab to accomplish what bigger labs do.  Meghan Hudziec and Kaylee Dollerschell from Baby Genes spoke about how they implemented BaseSpace Clarity LIMS quickly and are now using it to offer non-diagnostic newborn screening to parents. And Andy Katz from Genome Dx Biosciences spoke about how they are using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS and what additional capabilities his team needs to solve some of their biggest challenges. As with our last BaseSpace Clarity LIMS user group meeting, customers commented on the usability of the system, how straightforward it was to implement, and how great our support is.

Jenni Taller from Beck's Hybrids discussing Clarity LIMS

Jenni Taller from Beck’s Hybrids discussing Clarity LIMS

What makes our support and implementation so great, they say, is that the team has domain knowledge about genomics and proteomics, many of them understand what it’s like to work in a lab, and the entire team is incredibly responsive.  What we provide to customers is:

  1. Perpetual.  It starts with the design of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS and never lessens. From the beginning, we consider customer requirements, goals, and what they need to deliver to their customers, whether they are patients or pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies. We invest heavily in the user experience and the result is a system that is intuitive and reflects the work that lab managers, lab staff, and bioinformaticians need to do in the lab. Our focus continues during the development process. It’s evident when our field team is honest and candid about what BaseSpace Clarity can and can’t do. It endures when project managers help implement BaseSpace Clarity LIMS and customers are transitioned to the support team.  We don’t abandon our customers and we actively engage them in getting the most out of their BaseSpace Clarity LIMS system.
  2. Pervasive.  While it’s true that our support team and field staff have the most contact with customers, everybody—front desk reception staff, developers, quality assurance analysts—are aware of who our customers are, what they do, and are curious about how we can help them solve their problems and succeed.  When there is so much vigor placed on customers and their success, it becomes integral to everything and everybody in the company.  We hire and reward people who possess these values.
  3. Predicated upon the customer’s goals. Do they need a faster turnaround time to get results to patients more quickly?  Are they trying to obtain or maintain regulatory status?  Do they need to reduce errors?  Do they need to automate more? Whatever problems customers are trying to solve, we work hard to understand them. Our ability to solve these problems is evident in the diversity of our customer base: small labs with only one sequencer, agbio labs, clinical labs, or the biggest sequencing facility in the world. Labs have their choice of many LIMS on the market but choose GenoLogics because we develop and support a system that addresses their problems.

Customer success authority, Mikael Blaisdell, would say that we not only provide great support but that we are heavily engaged in practicing customer success.  According to Blaisdell, customer success is integral to every process in a company and actively plays out when customers aren’t neglected after a sale or left to their own devices to get value out of a system1.

Given our debate over how to spell words, you may think we are hung up on what to call this support that we provide. Is it support?  Is it customer success? Shakespeare may have spelled it out best: “What is in a name? That which we call support by any other name would be as great!”

We will continue to provide great support and endeavor –endeavour?—to make our customers successful. No matter what name we give it, this is something we all agree on.

Watch this short video in which a BaseSpace Clarity LIMS customer describes why support was a deciding factor in his team’s LIMS purchase.


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