BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

From clinical support to extensibility and traceability, find out why labs use BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

Clinical Genomics

Driver Genomics uses BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to maintain accreditation, track samples, reduce paperwork, and empower patients

“Patients today are educated, have good questions, and want answers quickly. Clarity LIMS will allow us to present patients with sample information and data in real-time.”

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Kaplan and his team integrated BaseSpace Clarity LIMS with other in-lab systems to automate many of the steps in their workflow

"The Clarity API is the very best part because we’re able to control every single aspect along the way."

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Clarity LIMS guarantees end-to-end sample traceability for genomics and mass spectrometry

"The most important thing for us is the positive identification of samples and that we can clearly state to our customers that we follow a defined standard operating procedure."

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Easily modify the LIMS and configure lab protocols—without software programming knowledge

“Clarity LIMS is easy to configure and customize. We have the ability to create new workflows by ourselves as needed.”

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Beck’s Hybrids uses BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to help expands its pipeline and relies on help from GenoLogics domain experts

"If there's a problem that you truly can't solve, you are one phone call away from help."

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An intense focus on design helps users adopt the system and work efficiently

"A users-first design philosophy runs deep within our team.”

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Labs are under increased pressure to reduce costs, improve turnaround time, yet not diminish the quality of their results

“Optimizing requires a different perspective, but it also means that you can offer services that are better, faster, or more cost effective.”

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Cloud-based LIMS

Leading companies use cloud-based instances of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS for speedy implementation, reduced IT overhead, and regimented security procedures

"Clarity LIMS in the cloud provides customers with reliability, reduced infrastructure costs, and faster implementation.”

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