Reporting and Analytics

Uncover issues and deploy changes based on data

What if you could put your data to work for you?

Many genomics technologies and methods are relatively new, and labs must determine how to optimize lab resources to produce the most accurate, timely, and cost effective results. Reporting on lab metrics stored within BaseSpace Clarity LIMS can enable labs to uncover previously unseen issues and deploy changes in lab workflows based on data and not just instinct.

With BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting, organizations can;

Gain a firm grasp of the quality, output, and use of resources in the lab

Out-of-the box reports built specifically for analyzing lab metrics, such as sample turnaround time, sample history, lab efficiency and quality control, enable labs to use the data immediately to pinpoint bottlenecks, identify trends and patterns, and ultimately make better decisions.

Clarity LIMS Reporting

Share key information with customers, patients, or regulatory bodies

Reports generated can be published within your organization, shared with external sources, or even embedded into public or private websites. Report scheduling makes it easy to set reports to run or refresh as needed, ensuring that your data are always up to date.

Customize to your lab

Need to create your own custom report type? Or add your corporate branding and color palette to a report you will share with customers? Design completely customized reports using the BaseSpace Clarity LIMS database and an easy-to-use report design interface with BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Pro, an optional add-on to the Reporting Module.

Get tailored training and support

While many reporting packages can be applied to several types of businesses, we know that the genomics laboratory is unique. By utilizing BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting, organizations have a single point of contact for LIMS and Reporting training and support. This ensures your organization gets the most return on investment from your lab informatics solutions.


BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Module

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