Clarity LIMS X

For users of Illumina SeqLab

Clarity LIMS X is an edition of Clarity LIMS designed specifically for users of Illumina SeqLab to provide positive sample tracking, maximize quality and throughput, and improve turnaround time for high throughput sequencing and population-level genomics. The introduction of the HiSeq X Series enabled labs to break the $1,000 per genome barrier and sequence genomes more quickly than ever before. Consequently, labs must address how to scale to new throughput while maintaining a rigorous focus on accuracy.

The X Edition helps labs scale to this unprecedented throughput and maintain focus on accuracy with accelerated deployment through out-of-the-box integrations, positive sample tracking for a high-volume of samples, and support for compliance. Preconfigured workflows that have built-in business logic and automation move samples through the pipeline automatically, minimizing human interaction and the potential for error while maintaining quality standards.

Clarity LIMS X Edition helps Illumina SeqLab users:


Figure 1. Illumina SeqLab is a complete solution for labs that run HiSeq X Series. It includes personalized consulting services to deliver best practices based on business needs; instant scalability, positive sample tracking, and automation via Clarity LIMS X Edition; and the HiSeq Analysis Software (HAS) for fast and accurate genome analysis.

Distinct LIMS editions for distinct labs needs

Clarity LIMS comes in three specific editions; Clarity LIMS X, Gold and Silver.

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