Clinical Genomics

Driver Genomics uses BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to maintain accreditation, track samples, reduce paperwork, and empower patients

“Patients today are educated, have good questions, and want answers quickly. Clarity LIMS will allow us to present patients with sample information and data in real-time.”

Jeffrey Catalano, Director of Clinical Operations

As a clinical lab, how do you adhere to the stringent requirements of CLIA and CAP, manage a high volume of samples, and give patients and their physicians the focus they deserve to approach a difficult diagnosis?

Driver group understands the challenges associated with running a clinical genomics lab. As a cancer genomics lab, they conduct whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing to better diagnose or aid with treatment decisions. Aptly named for the drive they have to cure cancer, they seek to align the disconnect that often exists between genomics, existing knowledge about disease, and the treatments that are currently available.

Their CLIA and CAP accreditation status required extensive paperwork for each case. Catalano once weighed the paperwork for a case, and it amounted to nearly four pounds! With an ever-increasing sample volume from highly engaged and educated patients, they knew they needed a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to track their samples and reduce the amount of paperwork.

They chose BaseSpace Clarity LIMS because it was straightforward to implement and highly configurable, without the need for software development resources. Driver’s decision to implement BaseSpace Clarity LIMS has reduced their volume of paperwork down to one laminated page per workflow, and most importantly, it gives them the ability to focus on their patients by providing real-time information about patient samples.

Labs that operate in a clinical environment not only need to meet stringent regulatory requirements, but a certain amount of their work day involves delivering reports to physicians and patients. Yes, patients. More than ever, patients are highly educated, engaged, and often partner with their physicians when it comes to diagnosing and treating their disease. A LIMS that tracks samples from receipt to results, ensures the accurate delivery of results, and keeps patient data private, is a requirement.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is ideally suited for labs that work in a regulated environment. It:

Additionally, GenoLogics offers an optional BaseSpace Clarity LIMS validation package to help validate the system in your environment.

About Jeffrey Catalano

Jeffrey Catalano is the Director of Clinical Operations at Driver Group. He and his team use whole-exome and whole-transcriptome sequencing and hope to marry genomic information about a patient’s sample with cancer breakthroughs that already exist. Catalano’s lab is currently using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to manage their lab operations and offer a high level of customer service to patients and their physicians.

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