The Genomics Core Facility at Radium Hospital in Norway relies on the configurability of Clarity LIMS to continually provide cutting edge services

“Clarity LIMS is easy to configure and customize. We have the ability to create new workflows by ourselves as needed.”

JinChang Sun

How do you serve a large population of researchers and clinicians with a comprehensive lineup of genomics services and adapt to new technologies and workflows without skipping a beat?

As a small core facility situated in the Institute of Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital,  Radium Hospital provides genomics services to the university, the hospital, and many countries outside of Norway. One of their goals is to develop methods to personalize cancer treatments and translate them into clinical practice.

In 2009, when they added next generation sequencing (NGS) to their lineup of microarray and qPCR techniques, they knew that they would have to manage an increased sample volume and a complex NGS workflow. Radium needed a LIMS, but it had to be flexible to accommodate their adoption of the latest genomics technologies.

After evaluating several open source and more generalized LIMS, they chose BaseSpace Clarity LIMS because it is flexible and straightforward to configure.

Like Radium Hospital, most labs must manage changing protocols and technologies and integrate them into their laboratory systems. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS enables authorized lab personnel to easily make changes to the system. Administrative users with proper permissions can instantly modify the LIMS and configure processes to reflect lab protocols—without the need for any software programming knowledge.

Flexible configuration provided by BaseSpace Clarity LIMS enables authorized lab staff to:

The unique flexibility of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS allows customers to:

About JinChang Sun

JinChang Sun is a Senior Engineer at the Genomics Core Center, which sits in the Department of Core Facilities at Oslo University Hospital-Radium Hospital. Under the direction of Dr. Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda, JinChang and his team serve university researchers and clinicians, labs in and outside of Norway. In addition to the configurability of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, Sun also enjoys no longer having to use a whiteboard and system of spreadsheets to manage samples.

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