Cancer Research UK enforces quality standards and positively identifies samples from receipt to result using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

"The most important thing for us is the positive identification of samples and that we can clearly state to our customers that we follow a defined standard operating procedure."

James Hadfield, Lab Director

How do you track a sample from receipt to result, identify where that sample is in the process at any moment, and ensure to your customers that their samples are routinely processed with the utmost of quality standards? Achieving this level of accuracy and traceability was a key requirement for James Hadfield and his lab at Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

As a core facility, Hadfield’s lab serves researchers with state-of-the-art DNA and RNA analysis instruments, methods, and applications with a focus on next generation sequencing (NGS). With the high volume of samples, Hadfield’s lab needed sample tracking, rigid enforcement of standard operating procedures, and quality control data at their fingertips. They chose BaseSpace Clarity LIMS because it tracks all of their library prep and sequencing operations, and provides a robust yet configurable framework for enforcing standard operating procedures and reporting. That it was nice to look at and had a series of highly usable dashboards — to see at a glance how samples are progressing — was an added benefit for the lab.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS guarantees end-to-end sample traceability for genomics and mass spectrometry and allows scientists and lab managers to:

About James Hadfield

Hadfield was recruited in 2006 to build the genomics facility at CRUK Cambridge Institute. With a background in cancer diagnostics and genomics, he is the perfect person to lead the cancer genomics charge at CRUK. A popular blogger in the NGS community (, he also provides expertise to the Genomics England Project and is on the scientific advisory board of Rubicon Genomics.

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