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A LIMS that Lab Scientists Actually Want to Use...?

Achieve CLIA Compliance While Supporting the Complexity of NGS…?

Introducing a revolutionary new lab management tool

Clarity LIMS is built for NGS laboratories that are CLIA certified or aiming to become certified. Clarity LIMS increases user adoption through exceptional usability and will assist clinical lab directors to ensure adherence to their lab’s SOPs through workflow enforcement.

GenoLogics offers laboratories a new role-optimized LIMS that sets the bar for lab software and changes the way lab scientists use and interact with a LIMS.

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Built to Support Clinical Genomics Labs

Introducing genomics tests to a regulated laboratory can be a challenging endeavor for lab directors, management and staff.  These organizations need to meet regulatory standards, concerning documentation and record keeping, while maintaining high sample throughput.  A LIMS built specifically to support genomic tests (and next-gen sequencing tests in particular) in a clinical environment provides significant benefits.

Obtaining certification and passing periodic audits demand that lab management maintain detailed records to demonstrate compliance. Clinical lab managers can rest easy knowing that with Clarity LIMS they have data entry and workflow enforcement in place to track compliance related information. 

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All Labs Can Benefit 

In addition to supporting clinical labs, the new Clarity LIMS from GenoLogics offers all labs:

  • End-to-end workflow tracking and integration.
  • Role-based interfaces designed to match the needs of individuals in the lab.
  • Time-saving automation for complex and mundane tasks.
  • Production ready workflows.
  • Management reporting functionality.

Clarity LIMS transcends the idea that LIMS are a necessary evil and addresses these perceptions by streamlining workflows and automating mundane tasks ─ freeing up lab staff to tackle more important work.

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