Clarity LIMS Helps Cover All the Bases

by GenoLogics on April 4, 2016 in Genomics, Integrations, Technology

With feedback from customers and industry partners, we have developed a LIMS that is easy to use, streamlines laboratory operations, and integrates with other instruments and other systems. We want to announce some exciting news:  Clarity LIMS now integrates with several other solutions as part of the new BaseSpace® Informatics Suite from Illumina.

BaseSpace Suite was born out of the need for genomics labs to have a complete solution to go from sample-to-answer and perform all of the functions in between. There’s no question that advances in genomic technologies are helping to shed new light on disease and how it is diagnosed and treated. However, progressing from biological sample to meaningful result is still a time consuming and disconnected process. Disparate information systems, multiple technologies, and the need to assemble a diverse range of experience to process, analyze, and interpret the samples lend themselves to a manual process that can sometimes take weeks to accomplish.

To address these challenges, Illumina has unified a number of its informatics solutions,  including Clarity LIMS, BaseSpace, and NextBio Research and Clinical, to create BaseSpace Informatics Suite. To represent their membership as part of a suite, the names of each product are changing. As such, Clarity LIMS will now be known as BaseSpace Clarity LIMS. See below for more information about BaseSpace Informatics Suite.

What does this mean? For starters, if you already use Clarity LIMS, it means that you can go on using it as a standalone solution with no changes. Alternatively,  you can use it  as a fully integrated component of BaseSpace Suite. Whatever the case, rest assured that BaseSpace Clarity LIMS can still be integrated with your own in-house or third-party instruments or software solutions.

What else does it mean?  Most importantly, unifying Clarity LIMS along with other key functionality onto a common platform means that you can more quickly and efficiently delivery high quality genomic information and apply the results to your research, translational, and precision medicine applications.

If you have questions about BaseSpace Clarity LIMS or how it fits into BaseSpace Informatics Suite, please contact us.

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