Giving Core Labs Top Billing

by GenoLogics on July 26, 2016 in Technology

Giving Core Labs Top Billing

We have written about core laboratories before – about the challenges they face to remain competitive, provide high levels of customer service, and quickly adjust to the latest scientific techniques.

And it certainly comes as no surprise to those in core or service labs that the business side of lab operations takes up a large portion of time. These labs must manage service requests from their customers, track the work done on samples, and collect for their services. Functions such as billing customers can be frustrating for labs. Additionally, since there are no laboratory systems that that perform every single function a lab needs, it can take time to move data in and out of systems that must communicate with each other.

But no lab goes into business to focus on billing or the other business and administrative functions associated with running a lab. Therefore, these labs must rely on technology to help them achieve their scientific and business goals.

To help, we have collaborated with iLab Solutions to develop an integration between BaseSpace Clarity LIMS and iLab’s core facility management solution. iLab Solutions provides web-based core facility management services to academic research institutions. The functionality includes request management, equipment reservation and usage tracking, project tracking, billing and invoicing, and reporting.

iLab Solutions

iLab Solutions provides web-based core facilitate management services to academic research institutions. 

The integration between BaseSpace Clarity LIMS and iLab enables users of both systems to streamline the process they use for managing request data from their customers, tracking specifics for each sample, and billing/invoicing for work completed and services rendered.

The bidirectional integration initiates when a request is submitted to a core using iLab. Information provided in the request is pushed to BaseSpace Clarity LIMS where all samples and actions related to that project are tracked. When the samples have been processed and the results are available, the results files or a URL is published back into iLab. When the project is marked as “complete,” and when an invoice is generated, iLab can push charges to a different system, such as an ERP. Finally, users can subsequently run billing reports about projects and samples. Finally, cores and their users can subsequently run reports about projects.

The integration enables users to:

And ultimately, the integration will prevent users from having to manually move data between systems, which takes time and increases the potential for data entry errors or loss.

For more information about the integration, contact iLab Solutions.