Laboratory Information Management Systems: Not Just for Sample Tracking

by GenoLogics on September 6, 2016 in Technology

Going from biological sample to a meaningful result can be a complex process involving many steps, people, and the potential for error. Genomics labs should have access to tools that help them efficiently and accurately acquire and manage sample data as it moves through the entire process.

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) can help. A LIMS is a software-based laboratory and information management system that enables secure, automated, scalable tracking and information management. The primary function of a LIMS is to track and store all information about a sample from the time it enters a lab until all processing is completed.

But a LIMS can do so much more than track samples.

Find out how a LIMS can help during each stage of your laboratory workflow by viewing our infographic, below.

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What is a LIMS