From clinical support to extensibility and traceability, find out why labs use Clarity LIMS

Domain Expertise and Support

“When you’re buying a system like a LIMS, you aren’t just buying software, you’re buying extensibility and the support of a technology partner. We definitely traded a product for a company.”

“We have worked with many vendors and this is by far the smoothest project we have ever worked on.”

“We learned very quickly how great GenoLogics’ support is shortly after system install. On Friday afternoon, we experienced a problem and by 9:00 AM the next day, which was a Saturday, technical support had sent us a solution.”

“GenoLogics provided professional project managers who came on site so that the implementation went smoothly.”

“Customer service and support — these guys have been fabulous.”

“If there’s a problem that you truly can’t solve, you are one phone call away from help.”

Real-time Status and Reporting

“Now instead of staying up all night worrying about critical samples, we can log in from anywhere in the world to see what is going on with the sequencers. This is because our sequencers can be connected to the LIMS through APIs and instrument status viewed through dashboards.” (paraphrased to clarify how to see instrument status).”

Lab Management

“Having worked in centers previously that lacked a true LIMS for next-gen sequencing I can safely say that the benefits of this cannot be underestimated.”

“Additionally, running everything off of a single, concise, contiguous database has minimized data entry and processing errors to nearly zero.”

“Overall we estimate this pipelining cuts down on the time required for data analysis by at least 60%, freeing several person years of time for other tasks in a laboratory group of ten people. This resulted in a cumulative time savings of approximately 240 [person] days over the previous manual process.”

“The lab staff at Helmholtz have saved 10 hours/week  “…because we don’t have to spend time on manually copying, renaming, and pasting of files and finally waiting for the transfer of files in order to proceed with the next step anymore.”

“Our decision to implement the GenoLogics LIMS was validated when we became one of the first companies to provide sequencing services on the Ion Torrent PGM. With the GenoLogics LIMS in place, our lab proved nimble enough to quickly integrate with this desktop personal sequencing platform, which is one of many new technologies we will deploy to meet our customers’ demands.”

“Clarity LIMS is a time-saver. We probably save 30-60 minutes per sample on not filling out various spreadsheets and writing so many different lot numbers. This adds up quickly when you are doing 1000s of samples.”

“Running samples on Beckman Coulter robots using the Illumina HiSeq instrument with Clarity system information management enables us to provide scientists with timely and reliable analysis of their NGS samples.”

“I needed a LIMS now, and within two weeks, I was rolling.”

“Clarity LIMS was one of the few options that we looked into that was affordable for us as a startup lab, something that we could grow into.”


“The Clarity LIMS interface is highly intuitive, largely because it is set up to follow the logical flow of a sample moving through the wet lab. This aspect, coupled with the fact that it can be used for planning lab work will significantly increase user adoption. We have looked at many LIMS over the past few years, and the Clarity LIMS user experience surpasses all others.”

“Clearly a lot of thought was put into the design of the user interface. It uses a lot of the semantics present in modern desktop applications, like drag and drop and the shift and control keys. That it is a web interface also makes a big difference, because going into the future, we might have tablets in the lab, and a lightweight system like this will be easier to deploy than a Java client.”

“Clarity LIMS is intuitive system and it makes sense to someone like me that did not have experience with LIMS systems at all, so that was really nice.”


“I am a molecular geneticist. I am not a computer programmer. Yet Clarity LIMS was able to be configured by me and the rest of the technical team.”

Sample Traceability and Support for Compliance

“The preconfigured steps for sample prep were invaluable.”

“We work with different products and methods, and we also need to track samples and keep the lab running. It’s a challenging environment, but from what I’ve seen so far, the GenoLogics LIMS should be able to handle it”

“We need to know where our samples are at every step of the workflow and our team needs to be able to access the history of the sample at any stage; the GenoLogics LIMS provides these capabilities.”

API, Automation, and Extensibility

“Commercial systems that enable easy customization by the lab’s programmers are the next best thing, We get a system in place and working immediately, while our programmers work to ensure that the system truly supports our scientists in the lab.”

“I’d say that across the whole cloning workflow, the LIMS cuts at least four hours of work per 96-well plate.”

“The complexity of the sequencing library methodologies, including the use of barcodes for multiplexing, in addition to the sheer data volumes generated by the sequencer, highlights the need for a flexible LIMS. The GenoLogics LIMS was the best commercial system for our lab, because it’s flexible, extendible and built specifically for genomics and next-gen sequencing research.”

“By using Clarity LIMS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) the technical team is able to kick off secondary and tertiary analysis, freeing bioinformatics time so that they can focus on doing other things such as analyzing large data sets or developing other software for use in the lab.”

Clarity Run Manager

“Clarity LIMS is easy to use and makes it easy to track samples and projects. Hands down it’s better than using Excel.”

“I’ve been impressed with the how-to videos, community, and contextual help available for Clarity Run Manager.”

“Clarity Run Manager helps us track projects more efficiently, keep our work organized, and locate samples.”

“Clarity Run Manager is slick and easy to use. We developed our own in-house sample sheet generation program, but it’s inferior to Clarity Run Manager.”