Reagent and Lot Tracking

Use only verified and unexpired reagents and controls

A LIMS that can track samples and ensure I’m using the correct reagents and lots?

Tracking samples is important, but in clinical labs as well as research labs it is also important to track reagents, standard controls and their verified lots to ensure that only verified and unexpired reagents and controls are used when working with clinical or other types of samples.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS allows for lab staff to create new reagents and lots while giving only lab managers the ability to control which lots are available for use in the Protocols and Workflows. The system also automatically archives expired lots so that these lots are not available for use in Protocols and Workflows.

Reagents and reagent lots can be tracked within Clarity LIMS.

Reagents and reagents lots can be tracked within BaseSpace Clarity LIMS. Only reagent lots, which have been marked by lab managers as “Active” and are not yet expired are available for work in the lab by lab technicians