Sample Accessioning

Choose from a number of different methods to accession samples

A LIMS with as many ways to accept samples as you receive them in the lab?

In clinical laboratories samples may enter the lab in small batches or even one at a time. Entering sample information into a system and accepting the samples into the lab is called sample accessioning and it can be a time-consuming process for many labs.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS provides a variety of ways to import sample information into the system:

The Sample Accessioning screen in BaseSpace Clarity LIMS allows users to enter all LIMS-required sample information, attach any files to samples, and input any custom information for samples directly into the LIMS.

Sample Accessioning | Clarity LIMS

Sample information can be entered directly into BaseSpace Clarity LIMS. Any custom information for samples can be added on this page and any files associated with samples can also be uploaded. Information shared across samples can be copied across using the arrow function.