Sample Identification and Data Integrity

Positively identify samples and produce documented evidence of compliance

An auditor to a lab manager: “Show me all the records associated with Patient 739.9.” Lab manager: “Of course, I can pull that up in the LIMS.”

Ensuring the identification and integrity of a patient’s specimen from receipt through testing and results reporting is key to any regulated labs’ success.

Tracking all samples end-to-end throughout enforced laboratory workflows, along with enforcement of data entry and automatic parsing of results files not only provides support for documentation regulations, but also ensures that evidence of compliance with these procedures are easily demonstrated for inspections and audits.

With BaseSpace Clarity LIMS laboratory management and quality officers can feel confident that data integrity for every sample that enters the lab is complete and can be easily accessed at anytime required.

All sample details from submission throughout each step in lab processing are tracked and easily retrievable. Above is an example of a sample search for Patient 739.9. Status and details of the primary submitted sample and all subsequent derived samples are displayed.