System Security and Patient Privacy

Data security for CLIA, 21 CFR, and HIPAA

A LIMS that protects patient data and eases the IT burden?

Regulations such as CLIA, 21 CFR Part 11, and HIPAA demand that laboratories maintain strict security standards on electronic systems when it comes to patient data. Traditionally, these security demands place a heavy IT burden on labs. However, with BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, systems and data are secure from day one without the need for internal resources or high administration cost of other systems.

To keep laboratory and patient data secure and IT burden down, BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver provides the following security features:

In addition, BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold customers receive:

To protect data and patient privacy Clarity LIMS offers several layers of data and system protection. Data are secured on physical systems in the lab, in transit to cloud storage and within data centers.