We catalyze life sciences research with a collaborative data management software platform, advancing early detection, prevention, and treatment of disease.

Advances in genomics, proteomics, and related sciences introduce new diagnostics and companion therapeutics to traditional healthcare methods, which will have a monumental impact on society in the coming years. As researchers and clinicians incorporate new genomics technologies, the goal of improving human health through personalized medicine will become a reality for the general population.

Despite these advances, many obstacles lie in the path of realizing the promise of personal, precision medicine. The management of multiple technologies, such as next generation sequencing, the increase in throughput, and the secure management of patient data all require a robust informatics platform. Labs must be able to efficiently receive samples, process them, interpret results, and share results — in a high throughput environment without error.

We opened our doors in 2002 to support this goal. Since that time, we have developed BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, a powerful yet highly usable and configurable laboratory information management system (LIMS). Research and clinical labs throughout the world use BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to positively track samples from receipt to result, reduce costs, improve accuracy, and maintain rigorous quality.

In 2015, we became an Illumina company, and our goal continues to focus on developing a laboratory information management system to help advance the diagnosis and treatment of disease.