BaseSpace Clarity LIMS scales from small labs just getting started to labs running a fleet of high-capacity sequencers

What if you could grow your LIMS as your business and scientific needs grow?

From small, regulated institutions to large commercial or academic genomics and mass spec centers, there is a BaseSpace Clarity LIMS edition that meets your needs.


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Clarity Run Manager

Quality NGS management for small labs just getting started

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver

Industry leading LIMS priced for commercial/research budgets

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold

Maximize efficiencies and shrink turn-around-time

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X

For users of Illumina Seqlab


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Includes the following features:

»  Sample tracking
»  Sample sheet generation
»  Single user access
»  Visual pooling & adapter assignment
»  Forum support

Includes Clarity Run Manager features AND

»  Track reagents and controls
»  QC tracking
»  Collaboration portal
»  Overview reporting
»  Choice of >40 preconfigured & customizable workflows
»  Phone support

Includes BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver features AND

»  Instrument tracking
»  API access
»  Customizable reporting
»  Instrument & robotics automation & integrations

Includes BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold features AND

»  Out-of-the-box integration with HiSeq X and HiSeq Analysis Software, Microlab STAR,  Spectromax, LabGx, LightCycler 480, and cBot
»  2 automated HiSeq X Series workflows with business logic to minimize hands-on time
»  Positive sample tracking
»  Automated sample QC
»  Reagent verification
»  Pipelining to HiSeq Analysis Software (HAS)
»  Full support from GenoLogics, Illumina, and Hamilton