Cloud-based LIMS

Leading companies use cloud-based instances of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS for speedy implementation, reduced IT overhead, and regimented security procedures

“BaseSpace Clarity LIMS in the cloud provides customers with reliability, reduced infrastructure costs, and faster implementation.”

Rob Banfield, Development Operations and Cloud Architecture

Labs are under intense pressure to reduce costs and sample turnaround time, deal with shrinking reimbursements, keep protected health information (PHI) secure, and manage decentralized locations. An increased focus on informatics tools can help manage these challenges, but methods for efficiently deploying and administering these tools are required.

Many labs now recognize the critical role that cloud technologies play in their success. Top clinical laboratories such as GenomeDx Biosciences and Blueprint Genetics, synthetic biology manufacturers like Gen9 and New England BioLabs®, and pharmaceutical companies such as Merck all implement cloud-based versions of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS.  That’s because these companies know that moving systems to the cloud provides their organizations with benefits beyond what an in-house managed system can provide.

Our cloud-based LIMS offers:

About Rob Banfield

Rob Banfield spends his days at GenoLogics as a Development Operations Leader and Cloud Architect. With an extensive background in computer science, system administration, and cloud computing, he’s the perfect person to help usher our customers into the cloud. By working closely with customers on their cloud implementations, he sees firsthand how they reduce their IT burden and costs but don’t sacrifice security and reliability.

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