An intense focus on design helps users adopt the system and work efficiently

“A users-first design philosophy runs deep with our team.”

Neil Edwards, Product Design Manager

In addition to compliance, constantly evolving instruments and workflows, and cross-organization collaborations, scientists often face another challenge that impedes their efforts:  a poorly designed and unintuitive LIMS interface that doesn’t reflect the work they do in the lab. Our focus on the user’s experience helps craft a LIMS that people in the lab find intuitive and easy to use.

Every member of our design, QA and development teams carefully consider both the utility and usability of each feature. By focusing on the the five major tenets of usability — learnability, memorability, efficiency, errors, and satisfaction–we develop powerful features that are also simplistic to learn and use.

Because many of our team members have actually worked in a lab, we speak the same language as you, and create usage patterns that are simple, consistent, and memorable. We think about efficiency for all features by enabling automation or optimizing the number of clicks it takes to perform any given task. Likewise, we make it easy to glean important information at a glance with carefully designed dashboards and reports.

Wherever possible, we validate the data you enter on-the-fly to prevent mistakes in the first place. If mistakes do happen, our error messages are solution-based, simple and helpful.

With the superior usability in BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, users can:

The end result  is a long list of customers who are passionate and truly love BaseSpace Clarity LIMS.

About Neil Edwards

Neil Edwards has an extensive background in visual design and user experience. Leading the design team at GenoLogics, Neil spends his days working with scientists and developers to design powerful features that are also intuitive.

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