Implementation and Customer Success

World-class implementation, project management, and customer advocacy

Implementing complex software solutions across an organization can be fraught with challenges, and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are no exception. Even when an implementation goes smoothly, your LIMS investment is in jeopardy until it is fully adopted in your organization.

To mitigate the challenges associated with LIMS implementation and to ensure that it is fully adopted in your organization, GenoLogics enlists certified and experienced customer success managers (CSMs). Although you will work with a variety of GenoLogics team members, CSMs are your single point of contact to ensure you are satisfied with your implementation, training, and ongoing experience using BaseSpace Clarity LIMS.

CSMs ensure that your implementation and post-implementation of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is successful by:

Implementation Process

Our experience implementing LIMS allows us to identify five critical stages that contribute to the success of your BaseSpace Clarity LIMS implementation. These include:

Post Implementation and Adoption

After BaseSpace Clarity LIMS has been installed, you will continue to work with your CSM. They will work with you to: